Höö: Another walk in Smalands

Our second autumn walk took us to Höö Naturreservant.  This is a very lovely place with multiple well marked trails, a B&B, and an assortment of animals and terrain.  This area, on the north end of Mocklen Lake, has been established in order to preserve the old “peasant landscape”.  The preserve includes farmland, cow pastures, forests, a lake, and a Bed & Breakfast that offers coffee every Sunday.

The day was absolutely beautiful, K was really into the hike…though the farm animals threatened to derail his motivation, M was okay with being in the pack, and S had her camera in hand.  During the walk we found multiple frogs, two dogs, four horses, three cows in a barn, four geese type things, a herd of grazing cows, and one scared deer.  Next time, we will do it with a packed picnic.

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