The “Good Father” Litmus Test

I am in Barcelona for a workshop, met up with other participants and are headed out on the town for some wonderful streetside dinner.  As the herd of foreigners slowly swarm down the streets, the conversation quickly turns to our children and loved ones (um…not that those are different) left behind.  During this exchange, three points highlighted if you were a good Father/Mother.

  1. Do you have pictures of your children on your person?
  2. Have you texted them or sent a message home to them already?
  3. Have you purchased a gift for them?

Well, I left my phone (with the photos of K&M) at home, no points there.  I had already emailed them, so I was not absolutely horrible; but, I have not purchased them a gift.  At this point, I was pretty low on the good father scale, but was able to salvage it by indicating that S had specifically requested that I not bring any gifts back, hence the loss of points on that question are voided.  I then countered that I have my computer in my room and can play a massive slideshow about my boys if they so wish.

In fact, I just might scroll through their photos now.  I miss you K & M!!  (S too.)

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