Even Klingons Struggle

In the Star Trek DS9 episode ‘Time’s Orphan’, O’Brian gives Worf and Dax their 18-month-old son to care for while they work out some issues with their older daughter.  The following YouTube clip from the episode says a lot about fatherhood:  Time’s Orphan One of the pull away quotes:  “I am a Klingon warrior, and a Starfleet officer. I’ve piloted starships through Dominion minefields; I’ve … Continue reading Even Klingons Struggle


Arriving in Almhult, Sweden to an empty apartment demanded a lot of quick purchases to turn this empty apartment into a cozy home.  At first, we were only aware of IKEA, the behemoth company of Almhult; but later, we started hearing about loppis, which roughly means used/second-hand.  This post will attempt to outline the two primary furnishing options here in Almhult so that you too … Continue reading IKEA vs. LOPPIS

How do you raise a smart & safe tech-savvy child? (Answer not included.)

I am not a technologist.  I just bought my third mobile phone, a bottom-of-the-line Samsung. (I have been mobile free since 2005, and I only had one from 2003 to 2005 because Peace Corps was piloting a new safety and security program using mobile phones when I was a Volunteer.)  My wife and I got a text message the other day and neither one of … Continue reading How do you raise a smart & safe tech-savvy child? (Answer not included.)