Mushroom Hunt

I have never gone mushroom hunting, nor is this post about mushroom hunting.  But, I have a few pretty cool friends who do indeed hunt for mushrooms, so this post is for you.  While enjoying numerous walks through the forest, S and I have stopped to take these pictures just for you! (It was also a really good way to engage K while tramping through the forest, beyond the typical branch/sword play.)

Your challenge, identify each of these species and if appropriate include a recipe!  In the comment sections, list the mushroom number, its species/name, and a recipe if you have it…though I don’t think most of what we caught on film would be worth eating.  (This of course is open to any reader taking their time to look at all these mushrooms.)

3 thoughts on “Mushroom Hunt

  1. This response was left on my facebook page, but I am opting to include it here:

    Wow!.Identifying a mushroom from a picture is dicy at best. But I got a few of them, a couple of Amanita’s, 2 Psychedelics, an Oyster, a clutch of Honeys–will get more when (my wife) helps me with colors–am color blind (she is at the gym). Now you have to match the name with the mushroom—Ha!

  2. I don’t have a clue about identifying mushrooms, so you’d definitely not want to go mushroom hunting with me just in case they turned out to be poisonous and/or magic 😉 They are gorgeous colours though – nice to look at, at least!

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