Ramblings of a Lovesick Daddy D

In theory, this blog is supposed to be about parenting abroad. Instead, lately is has largely functioned to provide selected anecdotes of the various “adventures” that we embark on while living abroad. This is primarily for two reasons: 1) even though we are publishing a blog; we still have a need to maintain privacy 2) I have found parenting (abroad or domestic) to be a … Continue reading Ramblings of a Lovesick Daddy D

Makta Morning

In my head, Makta Canyon is my favorite place near Skopje. Stunning natural beauty, numerous hiking options, boating, kayaking, caves, idealic canyon perched restaurants and yummy macchiato…Makta Canyon has it all and is only 20 minutes (driving) from my door. In reality, my visits to Makta Canyon are flavored with the uniqueness of the Brothers K and M. So the above description becomes: stunning natural … Continue reading Makta Morning

Happy Birthday Sir K!!

Today is my son’s birthday.  It also happens to be my birthday as well.  When my wife first got pregnant and we did the calculations and determined that K would probably be a July baby, two thoughts went through my mind: oh no…having a summer bday is tough, & I really hope we don’t have bdays too close to each other. Cancer’s tend to be … Continue reading Happy Birthday Sir K!!

The 5am Morning Blues

It’s 5am…again.  I hate 5am.  The world is a seething cesspool of hate, despair, and frustration at 5am.  Here in the so-called winter of southern Sweden, the sun doesn’t even rise for another three hours.  There are no pleasant tendrils of pink creeping over the eastern sky bringing the promise of a beautiful day.  All we have is the wind and rain whipping at the … Continue reading The 5am Morning Blues