Back to the Grind

Following a year of being a stay-at-home dad, I am now back working full-time.  And while I am definitely enjoying being back to work, there are a few notable things that I am missing.  They are, in no particular order:

Morning nap time…ah yes, it is 8am and time for M to go back to sleep for two hours.  Such a pleasant way to restart the day, a nice morning siesta on the couch for daddy.

Mid-day grocery shopping…just M and I rolling down the aisles of ICA Maxi and being able to checkout without waiting for the post-work lines to slowly wind their way through the check-out.

Shadows walking in the forest.
Shadows walking in the forest.

Leisurely Strolls through the Forest…anytime, any day, M on the back and daddy hiking though the wonderful forest of Almhult.





K watching the diggers at work.
K watching the diggers at work.

Construction Watching…pick up K from preschool and go spend the next one to two hours visiting all of the construction sites around town, talking about the big vehicles, and just chillin out together; daddy and his two boys.





Cooking for Mommy
Cooking for Mommy

Having dinner ready for when Mommy comes home…yeah, its just good to earn some extra brownie points from my wife by having something yummy waiting for her when she got home after a long day.




“Hey, you’re that guy with the kid on his back!”…I think I became a regular townie standout as I strolled up and down the single main strip with M strapped to my back.

Train Spotting with K
Train Spotting with K

Train Spotting…M and I would pick up K and instead of checking out construction sites, we would go to the train station to watch the trains go by and the commuters go back and forth.




Parential Gossip…catching up with all of the other stay-at-home parents when they were dropping off or picking up their kids from preschool.

Swedish Classes…I was actually making some progress in my language acquisition, which has all evaporated since I started working.

Blogging…on those few nap times each week where I didn’t nap, I was able to keep this blog updated.  Not so much any more.

Afternoon nap…yep, for a while there I was able to take both a morning and afternoon nap. (Though don’t tell my wife I typically tried to make it sound like I did something more productive than sleep all the time.)

The boys and I at the park.
The boys and I at the park.

Time with M&K…it was really special to have some wonderful extra time to get to know my boys and for them to know me.  I think we really firmed up a strong relationship.



I am sure there are more things that I will miss, but these are a few of them now.

One thought on “Back to the Grind

  1. Nothing like hanging out with your children . Working will make your weekends and hoildays were special. Enjoy those moments even if they are shorter now. Love, Sandy

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