Silly I know…but perhaps I should still check on him.

I had that awkward internal debate in my head yesterday.  It went something like this:

-Wow, M is sleeping an extra long time for his nap. -Ah how nice, I can relax and catch up on more mindless internet stuff. -But it really has been longer than normal…could there be something wrong. -No, he is fine.  Look more status updates on Facebook. -Do you think he is still breathing? -If you check you will definitely wake him up.  -He has a cold and you never know, perhaps I should check.  -Don’t be silly.  He is breathing, its just that he has a cold and needs this extra sleep to fight it.  If you go in there you are going to wake him up.  -But he never takes a nap this long, and he has been having difficulty breathing.  I’ll call my wife, she will know what to do.  -No answer, probably should let him sleep, its no big deal…look, you woke him up and he was breathing just fine.

Funny how the slightest deviation from the normal routine will cause part of you to panic and assume the worst.  Silly I know, but its what parents do…at least, its what this parent does.  Ironic thing is, typically I would be telling my wife to relax and everything is fine, but with her at work I had to fill that role and check.

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