Once Upon a May Day

The sun streamed in through the easterly windows with a blinding brilliance, especially for 5:45am.  Accompanying the sun came the morning cry from M demanding to be released from his crib.  It’s May 1st, which is important to us for three reasons.  First, solidarity with the workers of the world!!  Second, it is the Almhult Disc Klubb’s season opener tournament.  Third, the cows too were … Continue reading Once Upon a May Day

Two Stops in Teleborg

From Almhult, Vaxjo lies about 60 kilometers northwest and happens to be the closest decent sized town and where we tend to go when needing a bit of “city life”.  Today was a dreary day, so the prospect of entertaining our two young boys inside or around the gloomy playground here in Almhult did not appeal.  A nice car ride plus a few local attractions … Continue reading Two Stops in Teleborg

Art in a Shipping Tube

There is a problem with leading a nomadic lifestyle.  Well, there are many problems, but the one on my mind today deals with art.  My wife is something of an artist, photography, and I am an appreciator of art.  Traveling has exposed us to many diverse art forms and we have collected a decent collection.  From Bangladesh we have multiple rickshaw art paintings and some … Continue reading Art in a Shipping Tube