The Aging Effects of Parenting

When I pick up K from his preschool, I look at the other parents waiting for their children to finish their lunch and I think to myself, “Yeah, they all look like they are parents.”  This is in contrast to my own internal mental mirror of myself where I am much too young, and consequently young looking, to have children. My mental mirror shows a … Continue reading The Aging Effects of Parenting

Christmas in a Castle

For those of you that read “The Abyss of Holiday Cheer”, you are aware that our last foray to a Christmas market was not something out of a Bing Crosby movie.  Well, we put that experience behind us, jumped in the car, and drove the 2.5-hour journey to Kalmar Castle, which was hosting another traditional Swedish Christmas market. This time, K was totally into the … Continue reading Christmas in a Castle

The Big Rottweiler at Home: Family vs. Friends

In an earlier post, “Where are all the Vickys”, I shared some of the challenges faced here in Sweden regarding making friends.  In essence, I explained that the quiet, reserved, and okay with the status quo cultural traits of the Swede makes if quite difficult to start a friendship.  Well, having been here a bit longer, things have improved and my family and I have … Continue reading The Big Rottweiler at Home: Family vs. Friends

The Abyss of Holiday Cheer

I would like to share with you the wonderful experience I had at the largest Christmas Fair in all of Scandinavia.  I would like to describe for you the ideal Dickens holiday setting.  How this 1800s manor has been perfectly preserved, with the mill houses situated on the rushing rivers powering the water wheels, how the barns and stables and smithies have all been converted … Continue reading The Abyss of Holiday Cheer