An Arctic Road Trip

Back in February, Momma S and I packed the prius with as much winter clothing and snack food that would fit strapped the boys into their car seats, and hit the road heading north.  Destination…the Arctic Circle.

Day 1-2:  A quick 6hr drive to Stockholm.  Meet with a good friend, celebrate Momma S’s birthday, and take in a ferry ride to a toy museum.

Day 3: Visit the US Embassy to apply for a new passport for K, then a long haul up E4 till we reach Umea.  Recently featured in the NY Times 52 places to go in 2014, Umea was a great place to stop.  Good college town vibe, snow castles build in the center of downtown for sledding purposes, and a pretty good art & music scene.

Day 4:  The Arctic!!

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Day 5:  Dog Sledding.

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Day 6: The Arctic Road.

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Day 7-8:  A long haul home, made possible only with the magic of Harry Potter.  By this point, K & M were done with being in the car.  From Almhult to Porjus, where we stayed in the Arctic, alone was over 1500 kilometers, not counting all of the extra driving we did to go dog sledding, to drive up a mountain in the middle of the night to get above the clouds so we could see the Northern Lights, and just to see the Arctic.  So, the long road home was proving to be very long with two cranky boys in the back.  Luckily, we picked up an audio CD of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and introduce K & M to the world of wizards and witches and broomsticks and magic.  That CD lasted a good day and half, which allowed us to arrive home all in one piece.

Looking back on this trip, I have to say that a road trip to the Arctic, in the dead of winter, was the perfect adventure for this familynomadic.

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