Home Sick

Sympathy for the Devil - Iron Photographer 146...
Sympathy for the Devil – Iron Photographer 146 – Utata (Photo credit: Amarand Agasi)


K caught a virus and stayed home three days with a pretty kickin’ fever.  It was wonderful…absolutely magical.  Where has this sweet, gentle, ultra calm and cuddly boy been for the past three years?  It seems that ever since K figured out the trick of self-propulsion, he has been on the move.  And ever since he figured out that you can swing your arms up and down and smack things with his hands, he has been drumming on everything, and everyone, ever since.

But for this week, this one special week, he got a fever and his perpetual self-propulsion automatic hitter machine shut down.  Instead, I had the most gentle, sweet, cute and pathetic sick kid lying on the couch, lying on me, lying on his mother, lying on his brother…wait K get off your brother.  We spent hours over the past two days just cuddling, making small talk, saying nothing at all, just being.  We watched movies, read books, drew pictures, and sipped 7up.  We cuddled more in the past two days than we have in the past two years (not counting “go the f*@# to sleep” cuddle). Time slowed down and the house was calm and chill.

And then he got better…with a vengeance.  K, slow down, stop running, stop drumming on your brother and no you can’t drum on my head either.  Rest time over, game on.



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