Arriving in Almhult, Sweden to an empty apartment demanded a lot of quick purchases to turn this empty apartment into a cozy home.  At first, we were only aware of IKEA, the behemoth company of Almhult; but later, we started hearing about loppis, which roughly means used/second-hand.  This post will attempt to outline the two primary furnishing options here in Almhult so that you too … Continue reading IKEA vs. LOPPIS

Sweden: The Arrival

On July 31st we departed Boston for Copenhagen via Reykjavic on Icelandic Air.  Good price, great onboard staff plus the option of an extended layover in Iceland at no additional charge will definitely bring us back to them.  From Copenhagen to Almhult, Sweden we had two choices to get there; we could take the train that runs between Copenhagen and Stockholm or rent a car.  … Continue reading Sweden: The Arrival